The firm serves companies ranging from the start-up phase
to the fully established operating company.

Available services include the following:

  •  Intellectual Property Management
  • Protection of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents, and the generation of revenue from the effective licensing of such properties

  •  Trademark Research and Registration
  • Preparation of state and federal trademark applications, including conflict research and application drafting

  •  Business Development
  • Assistance with review and negotiation of partnerships, joint ventures, collaborative research & development arrangements, affiliate programs and other deal structures

  •  Employee Matters
  • Employment offer letters and contracts; independent contractor arrangements; policy manuals and the like

  •  Proprietary Rights
  • Nondisclosure agreements; employee inventions ownership & proprietary information agreements

  •  Web Presence
  • For companies doing business or promotions on the Internet, preparation of terms of use, privacy polices, and site review with regard to rights protection and legal compliance

  •  Fundraising
  • Preparation of narrative and PowerPoint business plans and presentations; negotiation assistance and contract drafting

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